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Onwords & Upwords
15, 4305 Maltwood Lane
Victoria, British Columbia
V8X 5G9, Canada
Tel: (250) 598-7465
Fax: (250) 598-7465
Lynn is a teacher specializing in Adult Education. In her experiences with adult students, she recognized the need for spiritual education to enable one the power to achieve their goals.

Lynn is guided by her intuition, and studies in ancient wisdom, and inspired by the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

Lynn's classes are imbued with a spirit of fun and love. Her goal is to enable balanced energies in order to receive love, harmony, peace and blessings.

Elizabeth Blackburn, creator of the Chakra Tune-Up mentored and certified Lynn.

For more information on a Workshop, or Instructor Training please contact:
Lynn Van Bakel
(250) 598-7465 Fax: (250) 598-7465
e-mail: vanbakel@shaw.ca

Kennie Bullock
15, 4305 Maltwood Lane
Victoria, BC V8X 5G9

Chakra Tune-Up is a unique class which takes you on a step by step musical journey through your major energy centers.

You will learn simple yoga exercises combined with color, sound and breathing to help release any blocked energy. Each exercise is followed by a short dance, or intuitive body movements to help you express your own personal rainbow.

The Chakra Tune-Up system of energizing and recharging body, mind and spirit evolved from Elizabeth Blackburn's work with color, sound, breathing and the chakra energy system.

This unique class takes the participants on a guided step by step musical journey through the seven major chakras (energy centers).

The class members learn some simple, practical and powerful techniques which can be used immediately to balance, energize and recharge body, mind and spirit.

These techniques include visualization, toning with vowel sounds, color breathing and simple movement exercises that help release any blocked energy.

Each exercise is followed by a short improvised dance, or intuitive body movements, to help each person to express their own personal rainbow.

Chakra Tune-Up is a fun way to align, energize and recharge the whole system, restoring its natural balance and harmony.

Participants claim that Chakra Tune-Up has unleashed their creativity - awakened their spirit - built self-esteem and self-confidence, and much more.

There are seven major energy centers, or charkas, in the human body (and hundreds of minor ones), which receive, assimilate and distribute energy. This energy or life force enters our bodies through our electromagnetic field, known as the aura. Chakra Tune-Up focuses on these major chakras, each of these chakras will then project energy out to 50 minor acupuncture points.

A balanced chakra energy system positively influences our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.