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Onwords & Upwords
15, 4305 Maltwood Lane
Victoria, British Columbia
V8X 5G9, Canada
Tel: (250) 598-7465
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by Maureen Freeman


  • An 8-page Booklet with suggestions for using the cards, a guided flower meditation plus a section on the chakra energy centers.
  • 9 Flower Meditation Cards: The selected flowers are: White Iris – All Chakras; Passionflower – Crown, Heavenly Blue Pansy – Third Eye; Forget-Me-Not – Throat; Hydrangea – Thymus; Alpine Sunset Rose – Heart; Sunflower – Solar Plexus; Tiger Lily – Sacral; Blood Red Rose – Root. Each card has a powerful declaration and key words for support in gaining strength from within.
  • A full-color Chakra/Flower poster.
  • A Full-color cover. Actual size: 4-3/4" x 6"

Use the Angels of the Garden Cards for:

  • Support in gaining strength from within.
  • Balancing the energy centers for inner joy, harmony and wellbeing.

Price: $14.95

"Everyone can benefit from using these cards. Maureen's inspiring meditations offer wonderful support during this time of monumental personal and planetary changes." E. Blackburn