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The reader is guided on an imaginary journey through a shimmering rainbow to meet all the Rainbow Angels and receive their loving gifts for restoring energy, balance and power.

Price: $19.95

Secret Gifts From The Rainbow Angels" is a delightful, absorbing story of the author's dream and her joumey to a shimmering rainbow to meet the seven rainbow angels and receive their loving gifts.

Soleya transports Elizabeth to the giant rainbow where she meets each of the angels. The first was Ruby Rock, the red angel and from him she received strength and courage. Moonstone is the orange angel, and from her Elizabeth received safety and security. Yellow ... Topaz gave her joy of being alive; while Emerald, the green angel ... love and harmony. From Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst, Elizabeth received inspiration, intuition and eternal friendship, respectively.

This story is filled with love and hope and the reminder that our seven chakras hold the keys to our lives...and futures.

Gifts From The Rainbow Angels" is the perfect metaphor of our innate abilities ... and a marvelous story born of wisdom and insight.

"Secret Gifts from the Rainbow Angels" is indeed, a rare treat!

Richard Fuller Senior Editor