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The Holistic Health Home Study Course gives step-by-step practical methods for understanding and applying the five essential Laws of Health which are connected with our use of air, water, food, exercise, and the mind. When we understand and practice these laws we bring about the preconditions for perfect health. Study at home, at your own pace. Whatever your age, this monthly self-teach course reveals the secrets that bring you health and vitality. Each Part comes in its own presentation folder and may be purchased either individually or as a complete set. We recommend that this 12-part course be studied month by month beginning with Part 1.


PART 1: OVERVIEW: Basic principles of holistic health. Getting started. Importance of practice. Building your health library. Your daily activity monitoring. What is health? Cause of disease. Biogenic health. Self-assessment questionnaire.

PART 2: RELAXATION: You will learn how to RELAX. Through relaxation you open doors to a number of other essential health-creating techniques. Massage and Shiatsu relaxation techniques will also be covered along with simple self-relaxation exercises.

PART 3: THE SCIENCE OF BREATH: You will learn how to breathe properly! You will learn the Science of Breath and its paramount importance in your health. You will find out how to use breathing to improve your body's immunity. You will learn something about yogic breathing, aerobics and aromatherapy.

PART 4: LIVING WATER: We are composed of more than 70% water and this fact is important. You will learn how water functions in the elimination of bodily toxins. The importance of pure distilled water. You will learn how, what and when to drink for health creation, and its importance in external use.

PART 5: THE ESSENTIAL SUN: The skin surface of our bodies is the most crucial organ in our health. You will learn of its role in the proper assimilation of food and elimination of waste, and the importance of correct daily sun, water and air exposure to maintain its proper function. You will learn about Improving Eyesight, Light Therapy and Iridology.

PART 6: THE SCIENCE OF FOOD: You will learn how to apply the Science of Food – the importance of food purity and the essentials of raw and organic foods to reduce toxin build up in your body. You will find out how to apply the rules of Biogenic Living and learn about Ayurvedic Health. Food combining for all-round health from diet. The importance of fasting and how to fast. Homeopathic and Allopathic treatments.

PART 7: EXERCISE: You will learn how to use postures and muscle energization to create perfect body tone and organic function. You will learn how stretching and movement affect the efficiency of waste elimination through the bowels.

PART 8: VISUALIZATION: You will learn how to use positive mental attitude to replace old habits with health-generating habits. You will be able to practice the power of visualization, autogenics, hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming.

PART 9: CONCENTRATION: You will find, through relaxation, how to quieten your mental activity to achieve proper concentration and to use affirmations. You will find out about Bio-electricity, Pulsors and Bio-entrainment.

PART 10: MEDITATION: You will learn how to meditate to achieve mental absorption and experience higher states of consciousness. You will learn to experience Dream Lucidity and Self-realization and other effects of meditation.

PART 11: THE WHOLE SELF: You will learn how the complex non-physical aspects of your being – your etheric and auric structure – features in your further personal evolution. You will learn about your cerebro-spinal psychic centres (chakras), about Acupuncture, Reflexology and Bach Remedies.

PART 12: WISDOM: Finally you will learn how to see yourself within the bigger picture of life. Theories of the possible evolution of mankind. About understanding yourself and others better. References to health-related belief systems from Theosophy, Yoga, Rosicrucianism, The Fourth Way, Essene Culture and others.

FREE GLOSSARY: You will receive with your first issue a 16-page comprehensive GLOSSARY OF TERMS on Holistic Health for you to keep handy as you study the course.

Complete 12 Part Home Study Course:
Price: $268.75
Individual Parts 1-12 Home Study Course: On order form specify part number.
Each Part: $24.00