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Onwords & Upwords
15, 4305 Maltwood Lane
Victoria, British Columbia
V8X 5G9, Canada
Tel: (250) 598-7465
Fax: (250) 598-7465

Printable Order Form

Payment Details

  • Please print out and complete this order form
  • If you are unable to print, simply write order out by hand
  • Please pay by Cheque or Money Order
  • Mail order form together with payment to:
    ONWORDS & UPWORDS, 15 4305 Maltwood Lane, Victoria, B.C. V8X 5G9, Canada

Order Details

  1. 100% Guarantee- Your selections are 100% guaranteed and may be returned, postpaid, for replacement, refund or credit.
  2. Delivery - Items can be shipped within 48 hours upon receipt of order, subject to stock availability.
  3. Shipping & Handling - Shipping and Handling are determined by the following Schedule.

Shipping Details

  1. Determine the total cost of your order before tax (if applicable).
  2. Your order must come to at least $20.
  3. Add the equivalent shipping cost from the table directly below:

    Order Total Shipping Costs
    $20.00 to $24.99 add $8.59
    $25.00 to $29.00 add $8.99
    $30.00 to $39.00 add $9.49
    $40.00 to $49.99 add $11.49
    $50.00 to $69.99 add $11.49
    $70.00 to $89.00 add $12.99
    $90.00 to $109.00 add $13.99
    $110.00 and more add $10.99

  4. If your order is to be delivered outside of North America, add an extra $7.00 to the shipping costs.

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Full Name:
Postal/Zip Code:

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Item: Price: Qty: Total:
Item: Price: Qty: Total:
Item: Price: Qty: Total:
(minimum order $20) Total price of Items:
Shipping and Handling: